GP SOLAR | Solar Modules Designed to Last

Green Plan Energy | Facts and Figures

Green Plan Energy Ltd was established in 2010 and through a steady growth it has become a leading provider of renewable energy solutions in Central-Eastern Europe. Nowadays Green Plan Energy is group of 8 companies with a group level turnover of over 35 million Euro and employing more than 110 people.

Green Plan group is present in engineering and construction of PV plants, manufacturing and distribution of LED luminaires and manufacturing of customised steel structures, including special mounting structures for PV modules.

Solar Modules Designed to Last

GP Solar modules are produced for Green Plan Energy by a Tier 1 manufacturer, according to the specifications and quality guidelines of GP Solar.

GP Solar modules are built using the latest high quality materials and are Designed to Last in harsh environments such as farms, coastlines and under hot weather conditions. Quality solar cells with high efficiency at the best possible low light behavior, combined with the sorting of the modules by IMPP.

Years Workmanship Warranty
MW annual production capacity

Production and Quality Control

GP Modules are going through multiple phases of quality control during the production process to ensure that each and every module performs the best ever way and ensure high energy output for your PV array.

  • Solar cells used for the production are pre-sorted according to current, voltage and optics.
  • All the modules are tested for micro-cracks before and after lamination through EL (electroluminescence) inspection
  • flashers with parameters checked and monitored according to IEC standards for precise measurement results


  • IEC61215-1 (ed. 1)
  • IEC61215-1-1 (ed. 1)
  • IEC61215-1-2 (ed. 1)
  • IEC61730-1 (ed. 2)
  • IEC61730-2 (ed. 2)
  • IEC62716:2013 Ammonia resistance 
  • IEC61701:2011 Salt spray resistance
  • IEC60068-2-68 Sand storm resistance
  • Back Load wind resistance 2,400 Pa
  • Front Load snow resistance 5,400 Pa
  • 1,000 or 1,500 VDC Maximum System Voltage